Rent A Bench

What is 'Rent A Bench'?

It is what it says on the tin! You quite literally Rent a Bench in the Abingdon Bike Bodywork workshop! With a huge range of tools, you can literally build the bike of your dreams.

But I don't know anything about engines, gearboxes, etc?

No problem! Part of the Rent A Bench facility is to be guided by a professional with decades of experience. From tips and tricks for stripping down motorbikes, to preparation, to paint, we'll guide you through the whole process.

What tools are available?

We have too many to list! Here's a few, but for the full experience, why not pop in and have a look?

  • MIG and TIG welders

  • Plastic welding

  • Angle and bench grinders

  • All types of spanners, sockets, ratchets, etc

  • Tyre machines

  • Car / Motorbike lifts

  •  Powder coaters

  • Airbrushes and wet paint spray guns

  • Ultrasonic cleaners

  • And much much more!